Pedigree Power Sale

 Pedrigee Power II Sale

The Pedigree Power Sale & Hidden Asset Seminar

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Seagull Bay • American Falls, ID

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Seagull Bay & Triple Crown Genetics Sale Report

Colder weather arrived sale day but the chill soon dissipated as the bidding heated up for the Pedigree Power II Sale hosted by Seagull Bay Holsteins and Triple Crown Genetics. Alan Andersen welcomed the large crowd to Seagull Bay and introduced his family and after a few announcements by David Rama, co-manager with Dallas Burton, Lot 1 was lead into the ring where the bidding jumped rapidly to the $49,000 selling price. This fancy fresh Man-O-Man daughter of “Shauna” was fresh 90 days and looked a sure candidate to follow her dam as a Very Good 2 year old. “Shauna” was a name referred to many more times as the sale progressed with 19 lots selling listed her as the dam or grand dam. The family was divided and spread throughout the sale order with 4 members of the family ending the sale. While the “Alexa” family was cataloged last, the exceptional Supersire daughter of Dorcy Alexa topped the sale at $83,000 on a final bid from Morsan Farm LTD, Canada. The 52 lots selling averaged $15,700 and a complete sale listing with the buyer’s name included follow this report.

A small crowd was anticipated for the sale because of the remote location of Seagull Bay Holsteins in American Falls, Idaho. Sale morning dawned cold and bright and as the clock moved closer to the 10:30 announced starting time, more and more people arrived for the sale. Winning the price for traveling the longest distance were the representatives of World Wide Sires from Germany. With the Morsan Farms representatives from Canada and a strong core group of breeders from New York, we can truly say that the buyers came from around the globe. In the end cattle were sold to 11 states, Canada and Germany.

The genomic seminar held two hours from Seagull Bay in Twin Falls, Idaho home of John Andersen’s Triple Crown Genetics and the 14,000 commercial herd managed by John, the Double A Dairy. Wednesday, the day before the sale was consumed with tours of the Double A Dairy and the heifer growing facility along with lunch and the genomic seminar sponsored by Zoetis . Titled “The Hidden Asset On All Commercial Dairies” the seminar was stacked with experts with a wide variety of expertise involving genomics. Steve Berland, the moderator of the seminar introduced himself and one by one asked the panel of experts to touch on their involvement with genomics and how it related to include large commercial dairies.

Juan Moreno from Sexing Technologies, Dr. Dan Weigel – Zoetis, John Andersen – Triple Crown Genetics & Double A Dairy, Tom Mercuro – Trans Ova and Scott Culbertson – Select Sires each shared their history and vision of the future to the small but interested crowd. John & Joan Judd were as impressed as everyone else as John stated later, “There was a tremendous amount of information given in a very short period of time. We are so happy our friends Craig Harris and his wife talked us into coming.” Attendee after attendee made the same comments. Ray LeBlanc said he noticed Bill Cook, NY taking notes and asked Bill later why. Bill explained that he was taking notes so he wouldn’t forget anything and most in attendance wished they all had notes from the afternoon of discussion on genomics.

There are many formulas to a successful sale and the sale hosts struck gold with the farm tour, genomic seminar and the sale of their genetics. One of the most important aspects to any sale is the sale staff working the sale. The sale staff at the Pedigree Power Sale was the best to be assembled with included Scott Culbertson, Steve Berland, Ray LeBlanc, Rick Verbeek, Daniel Brandt and Bill Rauen. Sale managers David Rama with the Cattle Exchange and Dallas Burton of Burton Consulting held a steady hand over the entire event with the active participation of Alan Andersen, John Andersen and Greg Andersen. A complete sale report follows.

Buyers Report

 1 Aurora Ridge Dairy & Dave Rama $49,000.00
 2 Stephen Mast – Calori D Holsteins $3,250.00
 3 Mitch Hockett & Triple Crown Genetics $36,000.00
 4 Jeff Woods $24,000.00
 5 Will Naylor $32,000.00
 6 Hilmar Holsteins – Dale Matheron $30,000.00
 7 Morsan Farms, LTD $7,000.00
 8 J. Kevin & Barbara Nedrow $4,500.00
 9 Sexing Technologies $28,500.00
10 Dr. Thomas Mercuro $6,700.00
11A WWS Germany GMBH $10,000.00
12 Morsan Farms, LTD $12,500.00
13 Morsan Farms, LTD $7,300.00
14 Mark W. Kerndt $17,500.00
15 Toone Dairy Farm, Inc $14,000.00
16 WWS Germany GMBH $16,000.00
17 J. Kevin & Barbara Nedrow $5,400.00
18 Dr. Thomas Mercuro $7,000.00
19A James M. Brooks $2,500.00
19B Dan Reynolds $3,500.00
20 WWS Germany GMBH $23,500.00
21 Daisy Farms, LLC $24,000.00
22 Morsan Farms, LTD $29,000.00
23 Abe Light $18,000.00
24 James M. Brooks $4,500.00
25 Mitch Hockett & Triple Crown Genetics $18,000.00
26 Robert E. & Mary O. Smith – Ladys Manor Farm $15,000.00
27 Morsan Farms, LTD $9,000.00

27A Mark Simon $22,500.00
28 Arnie Gruenes $14,500.00
29 Jeff Woods $11,500.00
30 Sexing Technologies $9,500.00
31 Kent Aston $4,300.00
32 Todd Galton $15,000.00
33 Mark Simon $27,000.00
34 Dr. Thomas Mercuro $10,000.00
35-1 Dan Reynolds $5,000.00
35-2 Daisy Farms, LLC $2,100.00
35-3 Morsan Farms, LTD $9,500.00
35A-1 Select Sires, Inc. $27,000.00
35A-2 Larry Lexvold $14,500.00
36 Mike Brown – Brown Dairy Inc. $3,900.00
37 John & Joan Judd $5,700.00
38 James M. Brooks $3,100.00
39 Mike Mulas $3,700.00
40 Kent Aston $3,400.00
41 Jeremiah Lungwitz $6,400.00
42 Chris Devries – Devries Dairy $3,900.00
43 Sexing Technologies $3,000.00
44 James M. Brooks $3,500.00
45 Morsan Farms, LTD $7,750.00
46 Morsan Farms, LTD $4,250.00
47 Morsan Farms, LTD $10,500.00
48 Jacob Andersen $32,500.00
49 Morsan Farms, LTD $9,750.00
50 Morsan Farms, LTD $83,000.00