Seagull-Bay Touchdown- the Breeds #1 Headliner Son!

Now available from Taurus.
The breed's #1 Headliner son

Our Sires

Supersire, Platinum, Diamond, MVP, Headliner, Sargeant, Secretariat. Breed leading genomic sires with Worldwide appeal!

19 Lots Sold from Shauna Family

Seagull Bay Shauna Venus-ET by Plato, Seagull Bay Sunshine-ET by Gerard & Seagull Bay Shauna Saturn by Manoman. Shauna's first milking daughters are now fresh at Seagull Bay!

Current News at Seagull Bay Dairy


Two New Shauna daughters join the Ranks!

See photos of Shauna’s 2 daughters Sunshine and Saturn Shauna!

BryHill SS Sateen

Bryhill SS Sateen P

#1 GTPI Polled Heifer GTPI+2406 NM$828 2.81 Type

Pedrigee Power II Sale

Pedigree Power II Sale Wrapup

Sale averages $15,700 on 52 lots!