Seagull Bay Summer Sale Consignments!

Top Consignments to National Convention & Central WI Summer Event!
Shauna's special Ransom dtr GTPI+2474 PTAP 78 & PTAT+3.28 sells! Early Flame dtr GTPI+2424 from Alexa II VG-88 & High Type Jacey from Robust Family!

SECRETARIAT…Shaunas “Super Dean” son!

Super production & super health traits!
Available May 2014 from ABS Global!

Seagull-Bay Touchdown- the Breeds #1 Headliner Son!

Now available from Taurus.
The breed's #1 Headliner son

Our Sires

Supersire, Platinum, Diamond, MVP, Headliner, Sargeant, Secretariat. Breed leading genomic sires with Worldwide appeal!

Current News at Seagull Bay Dairy

Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 VG(88)MS DOM GTPI +2176 +1829 +70F +60P 2-1 3x 365 35,120 4.1 1427 3.1 1079 Undisputed #1 Genomic bull dam of the breed. Shauna has 4 dtrs with sons over +2500 GTPI! Her top 6 sons average +2412 GTPI +832NM +2159 +72P +88F +2.5T. Her top 6 sons are Supersire, Headliner, MVP, Secretariat, Platinum & Diamond! Dtrs selling: • 11/5/12 Numero Uno GTPI +2440 +800NM +71F +58P • 4/19/13 Numero Uno GTPI +2408 +825NM +105F +59P • 2/10/13 Mogul GTPI +2408 +716NM +78F +73P • 12/31/12 Dean GTPI +2382 +823NM +65F +71P • 4/3/13 Latimer GTPI +2346 +705NM +67F +73P Gr’dtrs selling: • 6/14/13 Man-O-Shan GTPI +2348 +803NM +94F +63P • 6/10/13 Man-O-Shan GTPI +2312 +721NM +95F +67P • 3/19/13 *PO Earnhardt GTPI +2206 +708NM +74F +65P

Top Summer Sale Consignments!

Shauna’s special Ransom dtr GTPI+2474 78 PTAP & 3.28 PTAT sells at National Convention Sale! See Central WI Summer Consignments


Two New Shauna daughters join the Ranks!

See photos of Shauna’s 2 daughters Sunshine and Saturn Shauna!

BryHill SS Sateen

Bryhill SS Sateen P

#1 GTPI Polled Heifer GTPI+2439 NM$852 GPA LPI +3141 Conf+9 (04/14)